Soccer Is Back!

Posted by The Oakridge Soccer Club on Feb 18 2021 at 04:47AM PST in Winter 2020-2021

UPDATED: March 6- 12pm: The BMO Centre has advised the soccer community that starting March 7th, spectators are no longer permitted inside of the facility. All parents/guardians for Field Rentals, Practices/Training of children older than 10 will be asked to remain outside of the building.

UPDATED: February 27 – 5pm: The BMO Centre is re-opening on Monday, March 1st as the region transitions back to ORANGE which allows for more players on the field. The means that leagues, such as the EMDSL Indoor League, will resume competition.

UPDATED: February 19 – 205pm: The BMO Centre has closed effective immediately until at least February 28th.

Team who are still getting together outdoors in modified training environments need to follow the Oakridge Soccer Club’s Return To Play Protocol as previously noted. A maximum of 25 people may congregate in an outdoor setting while remaining 2M (6ft) apart.

Once the region safely transitions to ORANGE ZONE, indoor play will likely return. This is solely at the discretion of the Government of Ontario, Ontario Soccer, EMSA, and the BMO Centre of London.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact

February 18 – 730am: In accordance with the rules set out by the Government of Ontario & Ontario Soccer, soccer is returning to the greater London region effective, Tuesday, February 16th. The region is currently placed in the RED ZONE which means limited numbers on a field with no games/scrimmages to take place at this time.

For those Oakridge Soccer Club teams that had been training & competing prior to the lockdown, you are now able to return to play with modified training (no games/scrimmages until further notice). A number of teams have contracted time at the BMO Centre through the end of March which will continue as scheduled. The BMO Centre is allowing a maximum of 20 people (players & Coaches) on one field (1/4) per session. The field has been cut in half with a partition down the middle of the field with a maximum of 10 people per side. The groups must remain separate and not mingle or swap back and forth during the session. All participants must remain 2M (6FT) apart at all times. Participants (players & volunteers) are to wear masks as they enter the facility until they get on the field, the masks can then be removed. When the session is finished, all participants must put their masks back on until they leave the facility.

Once the region moves to ORANGE ZONE, scrimmages and league games (EMDSL) will resume.

The Oakridge Soccer Club’s Return To Play (RTP) Protocol must be followed by all participants for every session a team hosts:
1. Confirmation of Attendance: this is to be completed prior to the session via Teampages
2. Pre-Screening: all participants must complete the COVID Questionnaire
3. On-Site Screening & Attendance: all participants must complete on-site screening and attendance at every session

All teams were provided masks and hand sanitizer in the fall and should be following the club’s RTP Protocol for hand sanitizing.

If you have any questions in regards to a specific team, please click the Assessments tab and connect directly with the coach of the appropriate age group.

Details regarding Summer 2021 Registration will be available once Ontario Soccer confirms that an outdoor season can be held. Oakridge Soccer WILL NOT open online registration until confirmation has been received from Ontario Soccer & EMSA.

Let’s Play!

~ The Oakridge Soccer Club Executive Board


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